Make Risk Count.

Hedgebook Pro

Finance professionals require accurate information to assess risk and act with confidence. Hedgebook Pro provides the tools required to ensure you have full visibility of your portfolio and information you need to make good decisions.

"FX decisions have a significant impact on Hamilton Jet 's financial performance. Hedgebook ensures we have the right information available, when we need it, and gives us a really clear picture of our position."

- Simon Boyd, CFO,
CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd.

Why Hedgebook Pro?

Hedgebook Pro is an intuitive, cloud­ based solution that gives professionals a suite of tools to help them maximise their understanding and visibility of their foreign exchange and interest rate hedging.

  • Save time and eliminate errors
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies, audit requirements and accounting standards such as IAS 39 and IFRS 7.

Hedgebook Pro Features

Broad coverage

Hedgebook Pro covers a range of foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. With Hedgebook Pro you can record your portfolio in one system and gain visibility of overall and individual positions.

Intuitive user experience

Hedgebook Pro is designed to be simple and intuitive, not requiring extensive user training. Our experts can get you and your team up and running with a short training session.

Independent valuations

Hedgebook Pro's daily rate feeds allow users to generate independent, up-to-date valuations for both management and audit purposes, meaning you no longer need to rely on 3rd parties.

Supported by treasury professionals

Hedgebook Pro is backed by the support and assistance of treasury professionals who both understand the system and are experienced in financial risk management.

Concise reports

A suite of clear and concise reports puts valuable information in the hands of key decision makers. Your cash flow position is at your fingertips, performance against treasury policy is always visible and detailed reports for management, Board or audit purposes can be quickly produced when required.


Hedgebook has successfully completed the ISAE 3402 audit (formerly SAS 70), therefore certifying our systems and processes as reliable so our customers can rest assured that their data is safe. Hedgebook's review was conducted by independent audit agency Grant Thornton.


Interest Rates

Hedgebook Pro gives treasury professionals the valuation and reporting tools to maintain an appropriate hedging programme. Hedgebook Pro provides instant independent valuations for accounting and audit purposes, assists cash management of fixed vs floating interest payments and simplifies policy compliance. Hedgebook currently includes facility to manage Swaps, Amortizing Swaps and Swaptions.

Foreign Exchange

Hedgebook Pro gives the ability to manage all foreign exchange forwards and options in one place, giving a total view of the hedged position. Exposure reporting gives a clear picture of the levels of cover held against projected cash flows, as well as the average rate of hedging and the total effective rate. Hedgebook Pro supports all major currencies.